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210 Fillmore Street West, PO Box 657, Preston, MN 55965          (507) 765-2153


So, you think you might want to be on the ambulance service and you’re wondering how to get started... you’ve come to the right place!

Before you get started you should know a few things. First, to become an EMT you will need to go through about 130 hours of training and pass a written and a practical test. The Preston Area Ambulance Service will pay for your training, but will require a years worth of service in exchange.

Once a member, there is ongoing education held one Wednesday night a month, and there are mandatory on call weekends.

When you have decided to become an EMT for the Preston Emergency Service contact one of the officers (preferably the training officer) or city hall and we’ll find the next area training session and get back to you (send an e-mail to us via the contact link on this website and we’ll respond as soon as we can). In addition you can check out the EMSRB website or RCTC’s website for when their training sessions are starting.

Finally, if you have a valid EMT license for Minnesota and wish to join the service, please contact the director or training officer and we’ll work with you to get you on call as soon as possible.